A Rhyme For Washing Hands
Wash, hands, wash, Daddy`s gone to plough Splash, hands, splash, They` re all washed
A Song From a Game
Blind man, blind man Sure you can`t see? Turn round three times And try
Blind, blind man!
Brother Left and Right his brother Hardly ever see each other Mirror is the
Boys and Girls
Boys hands up! Boys hands down! Boys and girls Turn around! Girls hands up!
Brush Your Hair
Brush (3 times) your hair and say This is a happy day! Clap (3
Can you?
Can you hope like a rabbit? Can you jump like a frog? Can you
Clap your hands
1,2,3-Clap your hands Up!-Stretch arms up 4,5,6-Clap your hands Down! Stretch arms down Физкультминутка
Count And Jump
Count with me 1, 2, Jump with me! Count with me 3, 4, Jump
Funny Face
Paint your hair and paint your nose Show me show me Paint your hair
Hands and Legs
Right hand Left hand Clap together! Right leg Left leg Stamp together! Физкультминутка на
Hands up
Hands up Hands down Hands on hips Sit down Stand up Hands to sides
I Am a Little Tea-pot (song)
I am a little tea-pot Short and stout Here is my handle Here is